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Almost every day, there are new discoveries about malware, or other vulnerabilities that affect your online safety.  Our Digital Alerts will keep you up-to-date.  Sign up

Self-Help Resources

To help you learn about digital safety, we post daily updates on Facebook; and run two sites with easy-to-use guidance -- the Be Heard, Safely learning portal; and our SalamaTech Wiki.

Digital Assistance

Our online team of experts can help you fix your digital problems.  Contact us at [email protected]

Training and Clinics

In many areas of Syria our expert trainers can help you fix your digital problems. We offer hands on, step-by-step help in digital safety basics.

Emergency Assistance

Has your account has been hacked? Is your device behaving strangely? SalamaTech can help!

Do you need help?

Groups & Organizations

Women & Youth


Why digital safety matters?

What would happen if someone else -- a criminal or adversary -- had access to all the information and photos that you store or send on your phone or computer? What if they gained access to everyone that you communicate with?

Protecting yourself is not really hard! But you have to know how. SalamaTech can help!

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SalamaTech by the Numbers

User engagements
Syrians supported through our Emergency Help Desk
Civil Society Organizations Protected
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Digital Alerts and News


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